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School Age


The Autism Scholarship

  • School-aged children often have difficulties with language, articulation, sequencing ideas, self-regulation, auditory processing, vocabulary, symbolic thought, cognition, social skills, and engaging and relating to peers and teachers.

  • Speech therapy addresses these areas with customized therapy unique to your child's needs and interests, with respect for the individual's unique strengths and challenges. 

  • I include the whole family in therapy whenever possible: siblings, grandparents, caregivers, etc., as this has resulted in the greatest and most meaningful changes in children's development.  

  • For children who are not sufficiently ready to attend school securely, are not potty trained, have feeding issues, and difficulty with self-regulation outside the home, the Autism Scholarship offers a way to receive hours of therapy per week to address these challenges with individualized guidance at no cost to parents in order to prepare them for preschool and kindergarten.

  • Take the Eligibility Test below to see if your child qualifies.

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